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PodCast #50 - "The Golden Episode" - w/YOU! 

 3GB1 PodCast #50 - "The Golden Episode" - w/YOU! The Fans! Our Friends! OUR FAMILY!

We can't believe we made it this far. We have YOU to thank for listening and spreading the word! Listen to our very first LIVE episode we hosted at Danny's house with appearances from all your favorite characters! It's a good one! Enjoy and Share! 

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Also, make sure you keep an eye on EPOCA. A new album is in the making. ;) @epocamusic

PodCast #49 - "Peel It and donate the shavings!" - w/Marco and Emmanuel De La Torre 

 3GB1 PodCast #49 - "Let's get peeled!" - w/Marco and Emmanuel De La Torre
We have our good friends Marco and Emmanuel De La Torre in studio. These brothers are only a few days apart but they dress like twins! Unfortunatly they look like the Danny Devito and Arnold Swhhahjgwejhgwjehenigger. You decide who the ugly one is, go here to see pictures from the podcast www.instagram.com/3gb1

Keep an eye out for episode 50!!!!! THE BIG GOLDEN ONE!

PodCast #48 - "We're D.A.R.E. kids! (Drugs Are Really Expensive)" w/Mike Valdez 

3GB1 PodCast #48 - "We're D.A.R.E. kids! (Drugs Are Really Expensive)" w/Mike Valdez
Mike comes into Epoca Studios to record one of the most chatty pod's we've ever done! Learn, laugh, and light. Well, don't light anything unless it's a candle.. but not those catholic looking ones with the virgin mary... those freak me out. Sorry God. :)


PodCast #47 - "Do you solemnly swear, I DO...... NOT!" - w/Christal (Vega) and Esther Diaz 

3GB1 PodCast #47 - "I do.... NOT!" - w/Christal (Vega) and Esther Diaz

In this episode we get into why people say "I do" at the altar and why you MEN should get engage/married.
Mrs Potato, Christal Shillingford (soon to be Vega) and Little man's wife, Esther Diaz are guests this week and they share a little bit of the females view towards marriage and even sex... or lack there of. 

PodCast #46 - " Don't sign your name just yet " 

 PodCast #46 - " Don't sign your name just yet " In this Episode we discuss Cars , our experiences in our cars, our Dream cars and most importanly had a lesson from Danny  (who was a Car Sales Man for a few months ) , he gives us the does and donts , Carlos was out of town , but we had Chris Colon filling in for him.

PodCast #45 - " Your mama is Sooooo ... " 

PodCast #45 - " Your mama is Sooooo ... " In this podcast we talk about mamas and everything under the sun , we make a few calls , but overall good fun.

PodCast #44 - "Mariachi Los Tres Lentes" 

3GB1 Podcast #44 - "Mariachi Los Tres Lentes" - w/ Little Danny Diaz and the guys all back in the studio!!! It's a fun one. 

We celebrat cinco de mayo a bit early just for our listeners. We apologize in advance for the screaming and hollering in your ears... danny and carlos go wild for Mexicos independence.


podcast # 43 " getting to know Chunks" 

 podcast # 43 " getting to know Chunks" We had our good Friend Christian Lopez , sharing his music and his life with us . Carlos was Back but Danny was still out , while Chris Colon came in to comfront Danny . We had some fun games and good talk.

Podcast # 42 " No Skinny people allowed "  

podcast # 42 "No skinny people allowed " In this podcast we were missing Danny and Carlos , but we had a big guest with us (  literally a BIG guest ) we had our good friend Chris Colon and we talk about not being skinny , we also tried a new segment called " Sup? " and a hilarious round of " who knows more "

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